Just Back From Iceland

I have a very rich imagination and am very visual, which I think you have to be to be a photographer. So when my wife said she could get Groupon tickets to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, I thought, oh yeah. So, she bought the tickets and extreme cold weather clothing and we  were off to Iceland. We arrived by air early morning, mid February, into Reykjavik  Airport. Interestingly, the weather was mostly in the 40’s, overcast and rainy. The first day we took a tour of the capital city, the second day, the Golden Circle Tour and on the third day, the heavens opened up and we were able to see the spectacular Northern Lights. Reykjavik is a quaint city, very clean,  little congestion but with plenty of architectural eye candy. On the Golden Circle Tour, we saw a geothermal plant, Icelandic horses, a volcanic crater, geysers, waterfall and the Iceland Rift Valley. On the third night, we took a tour bus to a light house where we were able to witness the Northern Lights. It was pretty faint but my camera did a nice job of accumulating the light to bring out the Aurora Borealis. I will post some of my photos, but my wife and I are coming back. This trip was an appetizer. The main course will be coming later on my own terms.

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