Drone Photography

For Christmas I received a Typhoon H Pro drone made by Yuneec (my wife has a hard time denying me new toys). The hexacopter has a camera on a gimble for stability with landing gear that moves up and out of the way of the camera. I have flown it a couple of times and the initial videos and photos show that this platform is stable for photography.

This photo is my first and is in no way indicative of future performance. Now after that disclaimer, the photo is detailed without movement blur. I’m happy. My first goal is to become proficient in flying the drone and get commercially licensed and then develop my skills in taking still photos with the drone. I live in Oklahoma and if you don’t know much about this state, it can have very extreme and violent weather, especially in the Spring. I would like to use the drone to photograph developing storms and unusual formations from a different perspective. And, of course, I would like to use the drone for landscape photography. There are a lot of limitations on where drones can be flown as they are not allowed in National Parks. Noisy motorcycles and barking dogs are still allowed, however. It is understandable in Yellowstone, where harassing American bison with a drone would not be advisable. As I become more familiar with the drone, I will start posting photos, here, on my blog page, on Facebook and on my website, www.anfusophotography.com. Stay tuned!

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